Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Cowbell

Hey DrumHeads, I like to call this one "More Cowbell But Don't Cheat On Your Woodblocks".  To View, just click the link.  
This is a video that I recorded raw, straight from the kit to my iPad.  No mics, no editing etc.  It's easy to get carried away regarding technique, reading, paradiddles etc.  So, I just wanted to blog a simple video of myself having fun with one of my drum exercises.  The BPM is 110 and the riff is in the Common Time Signature.  Remember friends, when playing drums, make sure you don't forget to have fun.  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drum Configuration

Hey DrumHeads, Today I will share my experiences with the use and the importance of using different drum configurations in your practice routine.

The video I am posting is the 5th professional Hard Rock Video that I have performed in.  The song title is "TAKE ME".  In this particular video I used a small 4 piece kit.  It was loaned to me from a friend in Argentina.  I have always played big kits but over the past 7 years or so I have been playing all types of drums and different set ups (configurations).  Because I travel long distances and overseas, I cannot have my preferred kit with me.  Knowing this, I have learned to set my drums up in a variety of different patterns; toms to the left, snare to the right, ride to the left, hi-hats to the right, single foot pedals, double kick pedals, double bass pedals and so on and so on and so on.  We have songs that have 4 tom runs, 5 tom runs etc. When I only have 2 toms to work with I better have done my home work and learned our songs with this in mind.  In this particular song "TAKE ME" I used 4 toms in the studio, 5 toms live and in the video I only had access to 2 toms.  I only had minutes to adjust my thinking before the filming, but fortunately I was prepared.  During this particular trip to Argentina I rehearsed on and performed on 4 or 5 different drum sets and to say the least 4 or 5 awkward configurations.  When you are racing the clock, sometimes there is no time for the drummer to re-set,  so being prepared is key.  I have faced this scenario in every filming, rehearsal, live show performance in my tenure with Electronomicon.

The 10th Annual Rocklahoma Festival was the same scenario, filming "Do You Remember" was the same scenario, The Metal MayDay Festival in Atlanta was the same scenario but our show at Bombshells in Orlando took the cake.  The back line kit in Orlando was the opening band's kit and they  arrived minutes before their performance leaving me zero time to re-adjust any major set up needs.  This set up had the double bass kick pedal reversed on the bass drum (WHAT THE HELL). The toms were about an inch lower than the top of the bass drum and even the small toms were to the right of the kick drum (WHAT THE HELL).  The cymbals were positioned for a drummer with 6 elbows (WHAT THE HELL).  Minutes before we walked on stage I looked at the configuration and instead of panicking and complaining I mentally accepted the challenge.  After it was all I over I learned a lot about myself and the reviews were spectacular.  It was a proud moment.  I conquered the beast.

I am trying to keep the blog short and to the point so let me provide you with my opinion on the use of different drum configurations in your practice routine.  CHANGE YOUR SET UP REGULARLY------- BE PREPARED TO HAVE NO TIME TO CHANGE A CONFIGURATION THAT YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH------HAVE FUN OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL-------CHALLENGE YOURSELF-------LOVE YOUR BANDMATES-------SHOW RESPECT TO ANYBODY THAT OFFERS YOU USE OF THEIR BACKLINE-------NEVER LET FEAR OVERRIDE CONFIDENCE-------CONQUER THE BEAST.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Video Filming Tips

Welcome to my first post on my new blog.  Today I thought I would share a video that we (Electronomicon) filmed back in 2013 in Zarate, Argentina. This video was filmed in an old abandoned warehouse on a farm owned by a very generous and kind family.  The song is titled "Do You Remember" and it is the 4th track off of our first release on No Remorse Records/Greece.  

I am going to explain a few things that I find very important when it comes to filming a professional music video.  This is my 4th professional video to perform Rock Drumming in. Aside from knowing your drum parts thoroughly, inside and out, I find it very, very important to listen and not talk a lot when filming. Listening to the cinematographer is one of the main keys when it comes to a great final product.  Although you may have a ton of ideas, the cinematographer has a vision as well.   He/she usually knows whats best for the song if he/she has spent any time listening to it and/or communicating with the band about the song before the actual shoot.  You will save many hours if you just listen to the boss/cinematographer and simply do what he/she requests.  

Making a video is very time consuming and requires a lot of focus when your'e on the set. If you are prepared and a good listener you will save hours of time and money.  This particular video was shot by Cristian. E. Trefny/Diabolus in Graphica.  Cristian is easily one of the best in the business and I highly recommend him to any band that wants a truly professional working atmosphere and a great final product.  

I could go on and on but today I just want to make a suggestion to all drummers out there preparing to film a music video.  I recommend these important tips: Stay relaxed, be prepared with all your parts memorized, stay hydrated, have plenty of calories nearby, keep your mouth closed and your ears open. One of the things that I feel made this video great is that everybody involved applied the tips I am describing.  Most importantly, have a great time.

P.S. Due to the high quality and professional work put into this video, it has been featured on Metal Hammer TV-Greece, Vivra TV-Argentina, MTV-Germany and more European countries such as Spain and Italy. The video has been featured in the television sales area in department stores and on countless music video websites.  "Do You Remember" was voted one of the top 10 videos of the year at metalunderground/Cromcarl Awards.


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